HemingWeigh 3/4.

HemingWeigh 3/4.

Do you stand for most of your day? Do you often feel discomfort or fatigue from doing so?
Do you dread doing the dishes by the kitchen sink because you just can't stand on the hard floor any longer ? 

Look no further than the Hemingweigh 3/4" Anti-Fatigue Mat. An Anti-Fatigue Mat is perfect to be used with any type of floor or in any room in your home or job. It truly fits the needs of those with a standing desk, as well as those that just want a more comfortable place to stand when doing laundry, at the kitchen sink, or working in the garage. 

Avoid discomfort in your feet, legs, back, neck, shoulders, and even more serious problems such as circulatory issues. Invest in your own wellness and comfort, because you're worth it. 

Dimensions: 20" X 39"
3/4" Thick
Textured, anti-slip bottom to keep your mat in place
Ships flat, not rolled, so the mat will lay flat and won't be curled.
Mold and mildew resistant 
High density
Low memory
Solid foam core
1 Year Warranty

Product Details

UPC: 848441040793
Extremely high quality material makes it so the mat will not lose shape or leave foot indentations like other mats
Textured, no-slip bottom to keep your mat in place, making it perfect for any type of floor. ( Office, kitchen, bathroom, garage, or any other room )
Ships flat, not rolled, so the mat will lay flat and wont be curled
High density, low memory, solid foam core technology makes the mat comfortable and supportive at the same time
Reduces fatigue and discomfort while standing for long periods of time
1 Year Warranty

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